Happy Easter!

Here is a simple Easter card and gift for the Holliday! I made this today with the help of my sister and it took about 30 minutes.
Here is a list of supplies:
Card stock paper (preferably bright Easter colors)
White acrylic paint
Pink acrylic paint
Small paint brush
Paper plate
Mod podge
Black sharpie

This is about as easy as crafting gets, so this is for everybody! Okay, first I used some scrapbook paper that I already had at home ( you can use card stock paper either is fine). I cut the paper in the size that I wanted to make my card (be sure to make it large enough for your photo) . After you cut the paper fold it in half making a card. Here is what it should look like so far (I made six for family members but you can make as many as you like):

After this I took the sharpie and wrote the words "some bunny loves you" leaving a space in the middle. You can write this in any style letters. The front of your card should now look like this:
Now comes the fun part. Paint a thin layer of white paint onto the plate. This is your stamp pad (my little boy was asleep so I just painted his hands instead).

Use your child's thumb and place the print in the middle of the open space of the card. Since my baby is to small for this I just used his fist print instead.

Now use the thumb again to make bunny ears. Again my little boy was stubborn and we had to use his toe, but either way works fine.

Next use the pink paint to paint the center of the bunny ears. Then paint a pink nose. After this use the black sharpie to draw eyes and whiskers. Your card should now look like this:
While my card was drying I took my son outside to take an Easter picture. You can take a new picture or use an old one.

After printing the picture I used the mod podge and painted a thin layer to the back side of the photo. I then placed the picture in the middle of the card on the left side ( just smooth out the picture and it will stick). For the last step I just wrote a simple "Happy Easter" in the middle of the card on the right side. The family loved it!

Thanks for sharing every bunny...haha Hoppy Easter! =)

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