Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

Here is a simple Easter card and gift for the Holliday! I made this today with the help of my sister and it took about 30 minutes.

Here is a list of supplies:

Card stock paper (preferably bright Easter colors)

White acrylic paint

Pink acrylic paint

Small paint brush


Paper plate


Mod podge

Black sharpie


This is about as easy as crafting gets, so this is for everybody! Okay, first I used some scrapbook paper that I already had at home ( you can use card stock paper either is fine). I cut the paper in the size that I wanted to make my card (be sure to make it large enough for your photo) . After you cut the paper fold it in half making a card. Here is what it should look like so far (I made six for family members but you can make as many as you like):

After this I took the sharpie and wrote the words "some bunny loves you" leaving a space in the middle. You can write this in any style letters. The front of your card should now look like this:

Now comes the fun part. Paint a thin layer of white paint onto the plate. This is your stamp pad (my little boy was asleep so I just painted his hands instead).


Use your child's thumb and place the print in the middle of the open space of the card. Since my baby is to small for this I just used his fist print instead.


Now use the thumb again to make bunny ears. Again my little boy was stubborn and we had to use his toe, but either way works fine.


Next use the pink paint to paint the center of the bunny ears. Then paint a pink nose. After this use the black sharpie to draw eyes and whiskers. Your card should now look like this:

While my card was drying I took my son outside to take an Easter picture. You can take a new picture or use an old one.


After printing the picture I used the mod podge and painted a thin layer to the back side of the photo. I then placed the picture in the middle of the card on the left side ( just smooth out the picture and it will stick). For the last step I just wrote a simple "Happy Easter" in the middle of the card on the right side. The family loved it!


Thanks for sharing every bunny...haha Hoppy Easter! =)



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Does "me time" exist anymore?


Like I have said in previous post I am a new stay at home mother. This is the best job in the world but I am starting to feel like I am slowly becoming invisible! I love being at home with my wonderful son, but just in case you don't know this, IT IS A JOB. My husband works a lot and when he is off he likes to play golf or head to the gym and then he spends all the extra time with us. I am starting to become jealous of his "free time". I would love to have free time as well even if that just includes a long hot bath (those have been extinct since I was pregnant). So I did a little research for us mothers out there who need a small break on how to get a little "me time".

1. I know this is going to sound crazy but in order to get free time we must be willing to ask for it (shocker). Next time my husband (or your husband) heads out to the golf course just ask him for a break equal to the amount of time he is going to spend golfing. This sounded so simple and genius I had to share!

2. Another thing is to barter with your friends. Ask to trade babysitting. One weekend you sit for her and the next she sits for you. I would for sure be willing to sacrifice a day with extra kids to have a free day to get the grocery shopping finished and maybe catch up on house work. =)

3. Volunteer your time. This will help you socialize and stay sane all at the same time (perfect). Find an organization or just volunteer at your local schools.

4. One last thing, find free time every night. After putting the kids to sleep spend an hour doing something just for you. This does not include doing laundry or housework! This time is for YOU. Watch a movie, take a bath (I know this will be my guilty pleasure), exercise (I love ZUMBA), read a book, or do anything else to practice this healthy habit.

Once again thanks for reading! I hope this can help. If you have any other "me time medicine" feel free to share. I would love to know your thoughts!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Valentine picture <3

Since I have a new baby boy this is a craft I came up with to give as valentine gifts to all the grandparents (this could also be used for Mothers Day, Christmas, etc.). They loved it and hopefully you will too. Enjoy!


To make this you will need a few items.

Supply list:

*8 x 10 canvas $8

- I purchased ours at Michaels. They came in a pack of 2.

*Black large paint sharpie $6


*creatology jumbo stamp pad $3

- also located at Michaels


*mod podge $8


*sponge paint brush $1

*4 x 6 photo -free if you have home photos!


This project is pretty easy for anybody to do (even if you are not crafty at all).

First take a piece of paper and cover up the bottom half of the canvas. Then take the sharpie and write "I lo e you" on the top half of the canvas (yes I left the v out on purpose). You will need to leave a pretty large spot open for the "v". You can write the words straight or diagonal. I chose to write diagonal. Here comes the fun part! Take your little ones feet one at a time and place them on the large stamp pad. Then use their feet to make the "v" we left out before. Your project should now look like this:




Next use the brush and paint modpodge onto the back of the 4 x 6 photo. Place the photo in the middle of the bottom half. Allow this to dry for a few Minutes, then paint modpodge across the top of the photo to make sure the edges won't curl up. This will look funny at first, but the modpodge will dry clear. Your finished project should look like this:



Thanks for sharing! Steph


Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's do this!

Hey! I'm Stephanie. I am married to Mr. Wonderful and I am a new mother to a handsome little boy. Before becoming a mommy I was a cosmetologist. I loved my job, but I wanted to stay home with my son. I love being a stay at home mom. I also enjoy making crafts and taking pictures. I am currently starting a new journey of being a "house wife" and mother. At the moment I do not know the first thing about cooking, I am not an expert cleaner, nor do I know how to remove laundry stains (I know...what am I thinking). Anyways the point of my blog is to share my story with you, we could learn together! Sometimes I will share with you things i do know about and other days i will talk about learning new things. Either way thank you for sharing my story.Let's do this!Steph