Valentine picture <3

Since I have a new baby boy this is a craft I came up with to give as valentine gifts to all the grandparents (this could also be used for Mothers Day, Christmas, etc.). They loved it and hopefully you will too. Enjoy!

To make this you will need a few items.
Supply list:
*8 x 10 canvas $8
- I purchased ours at Michaels. They came in a pack of 2.
*Black large paint sharpie $6

*creatology jumbo stamp pad $3
- also located at Michaels

*mod podge $8

*sponge paint brush $1
*4 x 6 photo -free if you have home photos!

This project is pretty easy for anybody to do (even if you are not crafty at all).
First take a piece of paper and cover up the bottom half of the canvas. Then take the sharpie and write "I lo e you" on the top half of the canvas (yes I left the v out on purpose). You will need to leave a pretty large spot open for the "v". You can write the words straight or diagonal. I chose to write diagonal. Here comes the fun part! Take your little ones feet one at a time and place them on the large stamp pad. Then use their feet to make the "v" we left out before. Your project should now look like this:

Next use the brush and paint modpodge onto the back of the 4 x 6 photo. Place the photo in the middle of the bottom half. Allow this to dry for a few Minutes, then paint modpodge across the top of the photo to make sure the edges won't curl up. This will look funny at first, but the modpodge will dry clear. Your finished project should look like this:

Thanks for sharing! Steph


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