Does "me time" exist anymore?


Like I have said in previous post I am a new stay at home mother. This is the best job in the world but I am starting to feel like I am slowly becoming invisible! I love being at home with my wonderful son, but just in case you don't know this, IT IS A JOB. My husband works a lot and when he is off he likes to play golf or head to the gym and then he spends all the extra time with us. I am starting to become jealous of his "free time". I would love to have free time as well even if that just includes a long hot bath (those have been extinct since I was pregnant). So I did a little research for us mothers out there who need a small break on how to get a little "me time".

1. I know this is going to sound crazy but in order to get free time we must be willing to ask for it (shocker). Next time my husband (or your husband) heads out to the golf course just ask him for a break equal to the amount of time he is going to spend golfing. This sounded so simple and genius I had to share!

2. Another thing is to barter with your friends. Ask to trade babysitting. One weekend you sit for her and the next she sits for you. I would for sure be willing to sacrifice a day with extra kids to have a free day to get the grocery shopping finished and maybe catch up on house work. =)

3. Volunteer your time. This will help you socialize and stay sane all at the same time (perfect). Find an organization or just volunteer at your local schools.

4. One last thing, find free time every night. After putting the kids to sleep spend an hour doing something just for you. This does not include doing laundry or housework! This time is for YOU. Watch a movie, take a bath (I know this will be my guilty pleasure), exercise (I love ZUMBA), read a book, or do anything else to practice this healthy habit.

Once again thanks for reading! I hope this can help. If you have any other "me time medicine" feel free to share. I would love to know your thoughts!


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